The universe is VERY large.

by alittlelove

I don’t have a lot of time to write..

but today:

  • I went for a little ride on Tandy’s cruiser, because they say 30 min. alone reduces stress, and for the past few days some TMJ has been acting up in this little jaw of mine(I don’t like that a bit).  I guess I’ve been having too much on my mind lately.  Trying to do everything really doesn’t pay.  So go out there and have your little 30 min. alone{or if your a bit like me…spend it with God.  He never stresses me out}.
  • ash fell from the sky.
  • I began to understand what an utter catastrophe it would be if the universe blew up.
  • I really overdid it on the computer.
  • I’m tired.
  • I found a wonderful new artist.  Watch him here:
*sorry for the poor quality.


  • is Tandy’s birthday.  I am not done any of her presents.  Silly stress level.
  • I will stay away from the computer.
  • I will make cupcakes..with special colours and chocolate chips.  (o:
  • I will take my 30 min. alone.



p.s. I started an advice column.  I hope you will all have some fun with it!  Send in your {?s}.  I would LOVE to answer them.