by alittlelove

Well.  I promised you a townhall here we go.

I had never been to a townhall meeting in my life.  Actually, I had never been to any political shin-dig ever.  It was both appalling and invigorating.  Appalling, because I saw the result of sin…invigorating, because I saw what happens when people stand up for themselves.  I don’t think I will ever be into politics.  Politics makes me think of one word.  DRAMA.  I stood there for 2 hours, in between the fire marshall and another man and his wife.  It was hot and stuffy, over packed, and long.  The farmers really do care here…yes, we may live in a very poor town, but we aren’t dumb.  In a way I thought they compared us to sheepdogs…good for one thing, herding sheep.  But the truth is,  these people care, and think about what is happening to our country.  I really loved seeing that.  People can be so rude though…I think I am quite docile when it comes to things like this…people had made their minds up already…they didn’t want to hear the senator, they wanted the senator to hear them.  It went the other way too…I don’t think the senator even cared a bit about what the people said.  Maybe he did though, and maybe I am horribly wrong…but I was quiet, and I listened, and I don’t think he did.  I am thankful that we still have somewhat of a voice here in America though.  I am thankful that I can tell people about God.  I am thankful for freedom.  I am thankful.