utterance of a heart

by alittlelove

Dear Jesus,
Help me today. Help me to keep my eyes on You, and my hands raised. Help me God to seek You harder than I’ve been seeking You. I want to walk on the path that you have laid for me to walk upon. O great God of heaven and earth, search my heart for any wickedness, and any evil, and root it out God. Just root it out Jehovah. Help me to walk in holiness and purity. O God, light a desire within my heart to walk hard after Thee. LORD help me to follow You, and You alone. O Jehovah, I love You with all my heart…come and make my heart a place that You want to dwell in. O God, I am poor and needy and empty, and I need You to fill me. God,O my God, help me to hope…help me to walk forward. I want to keep my eyes fixed on only You. My Jesus, come empty Thyself into me. Be in me Jesus, be in me. I love you Jesus. Thank You for redemption, and Your perfection, and the beautiful plan of salvation. Thank you. My heart is for You. Let everything that I do, glorify You O King of the Universe. Blessed be the name of Jehovah! O sing praises to Him! O give glory to only Him! You are beautiful and lovely o God. I love you.