paint the streets with me..please? (o:

by alittlelove

IMG_3173This was my brother and I at 12:00 midnight.

yes.  We did stay up that late.





my little brother.

He is so amazing.  I think he is the coolest thing invented since watermelon.  My brother is super good at computer games(something I will never love, I’m afraid).  And He likes to hug me.  That makes me happy.  And He eats cold cereal with me.  OUR favorite?  Peanut butter capn’ crunch.  And he has a killer smile…

{o my is so hot right now I can barely breath}

and I just like my brother.

Using  The Cummins brothers seriously have one of the best mixes around.  (o;  Love love loving this acoustic guitar mix.  I could listen to this all day.  Check out Andy McKee.  Wish I could play like him.  I’m so glad Jehovah invented musical ability.  It is so wonderful.


Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about people.  I’ve learned not to base my opinion of someone on someone else’s opinion.  You can really mess a lot of things up that way.  “Hi I’m Ria and I want to know what your really like…really I do. “

I’ve been called eccentric more than 4 times this month.  I guess that means I really am.  I don’t think it is a bad thing though.  If there were no eccentric people in this world then there would be less streets painted.