life in the sky.

by alittlelove

My heart is stunned right now.  You know when you seem to be moving along on your own merry way, in your own merry life, and then all of the sudden you get run over by something so much bigger than you are?  I feel like that.  I feel like I am not worthy to be alive…I am not even worthy to be breathing; yet the LORD of heaven is so graciously helping my heart to beat and my lungs to work..and I am alive because of Him.  What am I doing?  Why am I living?  For a reason.  I am alive because Jesus wants me to be alive.  Seeing that picture of Nie(see the post under this), broke my heart.  Here I am in my own little world, and how many other people are hurting?  How many other people are going through something like being completely burned, or having a sibling die of cancer, or loosing a son or daughter, or holding someone you love dead in their arms?  What am I doing for them?  What would Jesus do for them?  With all my heart I want to be like Jesus is.  I want to do what He wants me to.  And I want to do it with all my heart.  I’m not completely sure how I am going to help people like Nie…I have no idea…but I know the LORD loves people like her, and He wants us to love them too.  My shout out to you?  Let me know if you know any people that are going through hard times…we need to do something.