my sisters are hilarious..more to come:

by alittlelove

I am so tired..and the day is barely half over.

Dinner is cooking, then off the martial arts.  It is to hot.  Way way hot.

We went to this spiffy little thrift store today.  I got an adorable vintage dress…I think I need to alter it, but I don’t mind.  (o:  It’s going to look spiffy with those red heels I am needing(o;

The girls also scored these huge blue trunks.  I don’t know where they are going to put them, but they said they had to have them.  It was cute…they carried them around the store..They are so funny.

IMG_1760These are their trunks…haha…funny.


Then we went to the grocery store..Today, I wore pink shoes.

AND THE CUTEST THING EVER HAPPENED!!!  One of the guys who works there, started singing happy birthday to his sweetie…OVER THE INTERCOM.  It was so adorable.  I wish someone would sing to me over the intercom in a store one day.  Made my day.

IMG_1750Off to martial arts.