rain…i love you.

by alittlelove

O it was so wonderful! It rained this evening!  I had been wishing it would rain for an ENTIRE week, and it did, and I am so happy…so so so happy.  I think rain is one of the most romantic things in the whole entire world…it’s right next to stargazing and swings for me.


For dinner tonight I made homemade macaroni and cheese.  Yum!  Drinking s.pellegrino with lime and ice in it(I think if I was a citrus fruit, I would be a lime).  My favorite.  We buy it in bulk from Costco.  I am so glad they sell it in bulk(o:


So for the wedding that is coming up?  I’m going to make my dress..I have one week..think I can do it?  (o;  I think I can.


I so want a pair of red heels(there are some spiffy ones on eBay right now).  And for some reason I am craving a pair of red converse.  Red seems to be so attractive to me lately….

Red Converse All Stars Kendallella 003


Making Key Lime Pie tonight.  Should be fabulous.

anyway..goodnight all.  Have a wonderful weekend.