wonderful day.

by alittlelove

Today has started out so wonderful.  I am quite happy right now.  Went for a run, cleaned the fishbowl, watched Bella take a shower outside(that was cute..and she did have a swimsuit on though…), and my mind is wirring with veil ideas. * I am so excited for the fall line to launch!*  I think I am going to be painting the living room this week(start today maybe?).  I am thrilled the idea of that!   I love love painting SO much  (o:  (plus I picked out the colour, and it is going to look aMazing).

I’ve been doing loads of core workout.  “A hard core is a happy core”.   At least that is what my coach used to tell me, and I totally believe him.  Planks do amazing things for your body.  So simple too!

Can’t wait for my etsy shop to start getting crazy.  I do custom orders! (o;

I think I’ll bake something today.  I didn’t make that cake yesterday, but I did dance, and it made everything better.  Dancing and playing piano are seriously the best things in the world for me.  I think if I were stuck on an island all by myself..there would have to be a grand piano.  I’d be fine then(but you would have to send me letters..because I’d miss you to much).  (o;

Well.  Off to paint now.



IMG_0245Ode to leaf crowns….

IMG_0237..and togas!