coin laundry and missing you tonight.

by alittlelove

I miss everyone.


I just want to talk face to face with my training buddies.  I just want to go to McDonalds with them.  I just want to stand on the street corner with my “trust in Jesus” sign.  I just want to go to a movie with them, and eat popcorn, and pop-tarts.  I miss them.

I am home now though.  And really happy.  Very happy.  This missing today isn’t the sad brooding “life is ending” missing.  It’s a missing because I love my friends.  Just wanted to let you guys know that I miss you.  A lot.


Let’s see..what happend today?  Well, I cut Bella’s hair, wrote a letter, cut my own hair, and felt like dancing.  I wish it would rain.  I want it to so badly.  I still need a dress for the wedding…maybe I’ll check  I’m thinking of making pizza tonight.  With cornmeal on the bottom.  A friend taught me that, and now I think it is the best way to make pizza. (o;

Found this adorable video on the rockstar diaries:

My sister’s overheard this in the kitchen and asked if it was something that I had recorded.  I wish!


Let Jesus overtake your heart.  Tonight go dance with Him.