Cain and Abel.

by alittlelove

This morning I woke up with the idea that I was going to go help my mother with her library storytime…instead my sister got the flu and I had to fill in “part-time” babysitter. I am quite tired now…but it was a nice morning nonetheless. Sometimes I think I would like to be a nanny. I read lots and lots and lots of book, made pb&j sandwiches(which the little boys proceeded to wipe all over themselves..a joy to clean up), and played trains with one of the little tykes. I was “on the floor” playing trains mind my dress..on my knees…hard to play trains like that. Anyway, I was Molly the train and he was Billy the truck, and we had a smashing time. Billy the truck said something that really hit something in Ria’s brain though. He said to Molly,”We are going on an adventure.” in a very matter of fact way. And I thought how marvelous it would be if relationships were like that. The guy initiates it, and the girl follows{on this adventure}. Why can’t more men be like that? Why can’t they just buck up and say..we are doing this now, and I really want you to come with me. Anyway, I thought that was cute..really cute. Guys, seriously, go take your lady on an adventure(o;
The other side of the day though was quite awful. Awful in a sense that I saw something that I had never seen before. I met Cain and Abel today. I really did, and it was so sad, and I couldn’t do anything about it. The older brother was so hard towards the younger one. They were building a train track at one point, and the younger one was so excited because he knew how great his older was at building train tracks. So “Abel” kept talking, and getting more excited, and was just so awe struck of his brother. “Cain” kept telling him to be quiet a very mean way. “Abel” told “Cain” that he loved him, “Cain” said nothing. And then it hit me. This could most likely be exactly what the real Cain and Abel were like. Abel probably loved Cain to death, but Cain didn’t care a bit. He was to hard, and proud, and empty, and set in his ways to feel anything. They were very real people you know. So real…and sometimes we just look by those things. In reality there are many “Cains and Abels”. Are you one of them? My challenge to you…love your matter what..even if he hates you..NEVER hate him back. Don’t use your brother as a ladder. It will only hurt him AND YOU in the end.
My little sister has the flu. Pray for her, and the rest of the family(that we wouldn’t catch it).
Martial arts outside[in 100 degree weather] does not sound very fun right now.
and I really need an upright piano…you have no idea.


*and if anyone needs a button for your blog made..I would be more than happy to do it.
  Just send me a shout out, and I will get to work.