what are you wearing?

by alittlelove

Last night a little conversation about clothing went on. The conclusion? I said I was always going to dress cute for my husband(if I ever run into one), even when I’m old. And to all those ladies who love sweats..maybe your guy will be completely crazy about them. Then you could get matching sweatsuits. Really, it’s all in the heart. What you wear doesn’t display your heart(in a sense it does..but we won’t go there now), and vanity is never the answer. I still think my husband is going to enjoy how I dress.


Scored big time at the goodwill yesterday.  Bright pink designer flats.  Made me smile.  $2.50?  I just couldn’t leave them on the shelf. (o;

Made a skirt with Bella the other day.  What do you think?

IMG_1183 IMG_1179