the flu{i wish it would fly away}

by alittlelove

Today has been quite rough.  We’ve been hit with a wall of the flu.  My little brother seems to have taken the biggest hit.  I kind of feel a little off, but I think it’s the heat.  So for dinner, mother and little brother and I all sat at the table eating cup of noodles.  I don’t usually enjoy eating things such as that, but for some reason today it was quite enjoyable.  Some days are just hard, but you’ll get through them.  Just hang in there and occasionally stick your head in the freezer.


After the noodles we enjoyed a nice cup of tea together.  My brother thinks chamomile tea smells like frosting.  Actually, I think he may be onto something.  I think I may experiment with chamomile and cake.  I think the two would be delightful married♥.


What do you think about that?  Agree? disagree?


Plus, check out my new  little side links.  I taught myself how to do it.  It was seriously one of my most accomplished projects.  I love learning how to do things like that.  Best ever.  I was SO excited(o: