home from camp[life].

by alittlelove





good(at least for a little while).

This past week has been so crazy.  Really crazy.  My daddy and I spent the week as counselors at a highschool camp.  I didn’t think I could do it…the LORD showed Himself so faithful though.  I was able to do it..ONLY through Him.  The more I see the LORD work, the more I fall. in. love. with. Him.  Jesus is so amazing.  Just to see how He worked in the lives of those kids.  I want Jesus to be their everything.  My closing prayer for those kids?

“Let them become so wrapped up in Jesus that NOTHING else will matter…”

Jesus makes my heart go wild.  ♥

IMG_0867it was a long way home..7 whole hours.  hot, stuffy, and lots  of sleep.   I am so thankful for sleep.

IMG_0858i really love Shiloh Bible camp.  like a lot.

IMG_0876i thought this little thrift store was so cute..

didn’t get to go, but I still thought it was cute(o:


Then we headed straight to dwight camp.  I was so tired, but it was so good to see friends.  It was just good to sit down and talk about the LORD and what was going on in people/s lives, and making plans that we wish would come true.  It was quite refreshing.  I am so glad to be home though.  There really is no place like home.  Yesterday was the last day of dwight camp, and a bunch of guys made up this crazy game of jumping over as many chairs as they could.  I think David won..(o;

IMG_0934i think that is 11 chairs?  pretty. rad.


I am just so glad to be home though.  No more camping for me(for a while at least).  I got to sleep in my bed last night.  I seriously love sleeping in my own bed with my red walls…I want to paint them blue though(o;  I am so very happy, and so very in love with Jesus right now.  He is so good.

i smell like Dolce&Gabbana.  Such a comforting scent.

Making Kombucha right now.  Best drink ever(minus Arizona Green Tea).

Today is beautiful.

(i seriously love the word crunching….today.)