my six months.

by alittlelove

(o:  Today  I am wearing my little pencil skirt, my green sweater, and flip-flops.  I. am. quite. happy.  I even woke up happy today.  I woke up smiling.  I think it is the best when I wake up smiling.  God is so good.  Anyway, I thought I would share with you somethings that I have learned over these past 6 months.  It really has been an amazing journey.

I’ve learned….

  • the LORD is so mighty, even when I am so very weak.
  • that I need to have a consistent time in the Word every morning, or things just don’t go right.  I think the first person you should talk to in the morning is God.  He deserves to be first on the list.
  • sunrises are so much better than sunsets.  You can argue with me on this one, but I’m never going to change my mind.
  • it is impossible to witness without your heart in the right place.  If you aren’t right with God, or someone else, your witnessing is going to eat the ground.
  • to take door-to-door seriously.  Yeah, the guy may say he can fly if he jumps off his roof, and he’s been to heaven 3 times, but you’ve got to listen to him.  Don’t laugh at him.  He needs Jesus too.
  • the smell of smoke makes me sick, and sitting in a cloud of it for 2 hours will give you a headache, but if the smokers are listening to you talk about Jesus, then don’t let that get to your head.  You’ll get through it(o;
  • that people are the most beautiful when they have the Holy Spirit in them.  Truly, if you are beautiful on the inside, then it’s going to shine on the outside.
  • I like my hair.
  • aRizona Green Tea® is the best.
  • you should never lie, ever.
  • you should do your homework the week before, not the day before.
  • I am not a teacher, but I can teach.
  • prayer is more important than anything in the Christian walk.  If you can’t hear God, then you won’t know where to go next.  So listen to Him.
  • the blood of Jesus makes you perfect.
  • even when I mess up, the LORD always gives me a second chance.  So take that second chance and run with it.
  • how to cut hair.
  • that painting makes me happy.
  • memorization is important.
  • Jesus is so lovely, and beautiful, and everything that makes my soul sing with joy.
  • the LORD will never forsake me.
  • I love my family more than I did before I left.  They are amazing.
  • that tea shops are the best place to study and get free tea(o;
  • my bike is one of my best friends.
  • joy is rain.
  • dancing is happy.
  • how to play the piano a little better.
  • I never want to be alone.  I don’t like being alone.  And hopefully I won’t be alone.  Because being alone is just to lonely for me.
  • I love people.
  • I love the gospel.
  • standing on the corner with a sign that says “Trust in Jesus” causes quite a stir.  I like it a lot. (o;
  • the “Are you going to Hell?” tracks are my favourite.
  • I love the colour yellow.
  • that when I loose my life, I gain everything in Christ.  It is such a beautiful mystery.
  • I need to be dependent only on God.  I need no one else, nothing else, but Him.  He is so faithful.
  • to love.


There is so much more that I could add to the list, but I think that is enough.  The LORD has been so completely merciful to me these past few months.  I have felt His presence, seen His handiwork, and it has only made me fall more in love with Him.  ♥


Something I the LORD revealed to me yesterday…if I am not showing forth the fruit of the Spirit, then I am not walking in the Spirit.  Quite convicting eh?


He proposed to her in a blanket fort. 
Isn't that the most romantic and darling thing in the world? ♥
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much love…Ria♥