by alittlelove

I was happy today because…

  • The LORD met me this morning,and He made me smile. He always does.
  • I met some little hispanic kids, and even though they couldn’t understand me, they still listened.
  • I had popcorn.
  • it rained..and it hasn’t rained in a long time.
  • I got to dance in my living room last night, and I will tonight soon. I love love love to dance even if I can’t, and I’m all alone. I know someone will dance with me one day(o:
  • i ate chocolate chip pancakes, and thought about the boys on their faith trip.
  • i got some great deals at goodwill today. Polka dots and stripes you cannot go wrong. Plus+i found a little treasure for Bella.
  • i am in love with Jesus.
    (and i’m in love) did i already say that? (o;
  • My sisters love me..and so does my little brother. He is the best and most handsome man I have ever known, other than my daddy.
  • i am wearing a little black dress.
  • today is just a really lovely day.

{o dear, I am so starving.  i think i should go eat something.}