{if i could put a table in a jug…}

by alittlelove

This morning the boys left for their faith trip.  We all met at the church at 8:00, had a little prayer, and then headed off to iHop.  There we all had a smattering of different breakfast food. Chocolate chip pancakes, chicken fried steak, pop-corn shrimp, eggs, and coffee..plus a little orange and apple juice..then we prayed some more..and we stood in the parking lot for a bit.  Then they headed off towards Eugene; they gingerly walked away together towards the main road, T.j. walking on the curb. 

5 days. 

I am excited for them…quite excited.  I can’t wait to see what the LORD is going to do.  (o:

In the mean time, Kaylene and I are going to be doing a little Bible club for kids.  Tomorrow we start..and I get to teach the Wordless Book.  I don’t know what I’m gettting myself into..I’ve never done the wordless book before, but I think it is going to be fun.  Kk and I sat making miniature versions of the book to give to the children(36 of them).  We will be serving popcorn, propel water, and sandwich cookies.  The best part of it though..they are going to hear about Jesus.  (o:  I can’t wait to see what the LORD is going to do.

This morning I was so overwhelmed with how much the LORD has used us, little us, these past few months.  I still feel so completely inadequate to be doing the things that I am.  He is such a glorious LORD, and I am such a little creature.  His love is so overwhelming.  ♥  So intricate is He.  I’ve been thinking a lot about knowing the LORD.  Something that atheist Josh couldn’t understand was our confidence in knowing that the LORD exists.  He said the Bible wasn’t enough for him to believe, and then He went on to say that our “experiences” were not enough.  I’ve been thinking about that the past few days.  Why do I believe that God exists?  Couldn’t I have made all this up in my head?  And I have come to a conclusion.  There is no way that I could have made up the God I serve.  no possible, plausible, explainable way.  He is so far from what my puny mind can comprehend…so how on earth could I have  made Him up?!  He has done much more than I could have ever imagined…He healed my brother, He has saved me, and I believe with all my heart that Jesus Christ died and raised from the dead, and because of that I can experience new life in Him.  This “experience” that I have gone through  is more than just personal..it is living so everyone can see it.   A verse comes to mind…

“I am crucified with Christ, nevertheless I live; yet not I but Christ liveth in me, and the life I now live in the flesh I live by the faith of the Son of God, who loved me, and gave Himself for me.” (Gal. 2:20)

Christ is alive in me.  God is so present.  I wish more people could just see that.  Continue to pray for Josh.  I believe the LORD is going to save Him. 


My sister wrote me the most darling note yesterday.  She got up, earlier than I did, and I could hear her typing away on my new typewriter in the kitchen.  Then later I found it tucked away in my journal, and I cried because it was so sweet.  She writes the best love notes.  ♥  Here is a little poem she included on the back of the note:

I can no more describe you
than i can put a thing for the first time
where it already is.

If i could make a ladder of light
or comb the hair of a dream girl with a real comb
or our a table into a jug...

I'm not good at impossible things.
And that's why i'm sure
i will love you for my ever.
-Norman MacCaig


Isn’t that the sweetest thing in the world?  O the joy of poetry.♥