i’m going to miss you…but smile(o:

by alittlelove


I am in a game shop right now.  Curious place to be I know.  I never really I thought I’d ever be in a place like this.  I guess you land in some pretty random places though.  Listening to lifehouse right now.  Darling music.  “what is real, just a dream…”  So poetic♥  We are almost done with the program now; and I am completely bummed, almost(o;  I am so sad that I am going to be parted from these friends I’ve made.  I’m going to miss all the cheeseburgers, all the all the corporate prayer, Kombucha, tea stops, safeway, chocolate milk, cheese sunchips, blue october, lucy, my yellow dresser crocs, socks, and converse, and laughing about Nacho Libre.  Most of all I am going to miss my witnessing buddies..yeah, guys, I know sometimes we got on each others nerves, but really I am going to miss you all with all my heart.  Thanks all of you.  You are all amazing people, and I pray the LORD will always be your number one priority. 

So, the other day I got a [typewriter} for free.  It was an electric one, but still it is so fun.  I was seriously sitting on the ground with it for like  two hours.  Poetry seems to flow from it quite well.  My fingers are magic on the keys.  (o:  Made. me. smile. so. very. wide.  I wish my typewriter could fit in my purse.  I wish I had a purse like mary poppins anyway.  Maybe for my birthday with those 100 balloons. 

{haha..i just looked up, and they have these nets that I wanted at the army surplus store the other day on the ceiling…I think they are pretty darn amazing..very adam and evish.(o:  I think they would look practically smashing used at a wedding with lights intertwined within them.  i love the word *intertwined*.  Isn’t it darling{?}

I think I am sunburned..I forgot to put sunscreen on today.  It was so HOT today.  So hot my head hurt, and I thought of going to play in the sprinklers..but I had no one to do that with, so I sat inside the stuffy house and listened to people snore(o;  I think I am going to have to find some sprinklers tomorrow.  Fourth of July tomorrow.  I am quite excited.  My family is coming..my adorable family is coming, and I am so ecstatic to see them.  Fireworks, balloons maybe, tea, books, smiles, laughs, joy, chalk, soccer, and fire inside my heart.

(A nice lady told me my dress was cute today.  I think people should give more complements to each other.  It makes people so happy. If you like what they are wearing, then say something..it would probably make them feel special.)  listen to Shane and Shane’s “healed”.  {so beautiful}

I’m not sure if I like being a game shop.  I don’t think it’s my place.  (o:  These guys are really into it though..they are even making plans not to kill eachother..is that like telling another kid what to say when you are playing house?  (o;

{ sun sun sun sunshine reminds me of you. } ♥   

I think the thing I am most excited about when I come home(besides seeing my family) is I’m going to be able to take pictures again.  I missed that a lot.  I missed my family more though.  And I’m excited to be close to my sisters, and sleeping on the couch, and painting outside, and blowing bubbles, and making [muffins} in the morning..and I am just excited to  have companionship again.  I missed being close to someone all the time.  I don’t particularly like being alone a lot.  I like being with someone.  Makes things so much more sunshiny.  Like your face sunshine rays. 

Talked with an Atheist named Josh for four hours the other day.  Pray for him.  God is going to get a hold on him. I know.  My God is an amazing God.  I was so overwhelmed thinking about Him the other day.  This week has been so mentally draining.  I was at the end of my string on Thur.  The LORD got me through the day though.  I was overwhelmed with Him.  He is so full and gracious.  I cannot begin to express my heart towards Him.  He. is. so. lovely.  The love in my heart is so loud right now.  So..loud…////{}//// 

Tomorrow will be such a bright and lovely day.  The sun is shining on the other side of those clouds.  I am quite excited to see where the LORD is going to take me next.  I love being in His hands.  It is so wonderful.

love you