{i feel like a bush with lots of flowers on it}

by alittlelove

Right now, I feel so




odd. I really can’t express what I am feeling. Today, has been quite encouraging to me(I think the teaching is getting much better, and really I think I’m beginning to like it). I don’t know…I feel..
empty but full
complete and funny..
I wish so much this very moment that I could just lay in the grass and take a nap…
I don’t want this to end..
and I feel content(wish you could see me now, I have a little grin playing across my face).
I wish with




that I could have 100 balloons for my 20th birthday.
Have you ever felt so incomplete, but really you weren’t at all? I mean, you were complete, but that was not what you were feeling? I think I feel like that. But this lack(or whatever I am feeling this moment) has so much made Jesus in my heart stronger. I really know that without Him I am completely nothing, and with Him I have completely everything! Isn’t that exciting! I lack nothing in Christ. nothing.at.all. ❤ . And I love Him. With all my heart I love Him! ….hmmm…He is so wonderful.

So today I…
taught Colossians chapter 3. :::amazing chapter:::
Ate a piece of pie all by myself
whole.wheat.spaghetti.  .
am ready to don an apron(what should I create?)
love love love Strong’s Concordance..makes my mind dance(o;
got the sweetest little thank you note(thanks Jen. you are seriously the best!)
sang OUT LOUD~
wanted you
*Lucky You* mhmm…
am tired
love you  .

{ria .}