8:00 p.m.

by alittlelove

I’ve been think think thinking a lot lately…(seems I always am)..about God, and friendship, and the LORD’s will for my life, and music, and trying new things..

Today, I thought about what I was before I knew Christ, and then I shared what Christ has done in me with a dear friend.  I serve an amazing LORD.  Looking back, I can see how much He has changed me; and really it has been nothing in myself..nothing of me at all…and that is so humbling to think about.  Jehovah has been so very gracious to me..He has patiently molded me and is still shaping me into what He wants me to be, and I think that is the most amzing, romantic thing ever.  O how great and lovely He is!

I have also been thinking about friendship.  Last weekend, I had a good conversation with my mother about friends.  In the end, some people change..they just do, and your friendship will never be the same again.  And you know, that is okay.  Sometimes we just have to pick up and move on…there will always be another with open arms(as long as your arms are open)..don’t let one messed up relationship ruin the rest.  People are people, and we will always have to deal with them..so do it in a loving manner.

What is next for me?  I really don’t know. and. I. am. so. happy. about. it.  I am not anxious, or undone;  I am at complete peace.  I am just waiting for  it to all unfold…I know the LORD has this beautiful story to spread out, and this is just the beginning of it.  He is such a glorious Writer.

And music has been in my mind…lots of it.  (o:  One thing I have noticed though:  It is quite depressing for me to see so many people walking around with their little music players with just a blank look on their face.  It completely kills me!  The world around them is blocked out, and I think to many people are missing the beauty of it, by having little ear-phones in.  My challenged to you this week..turn your iPod off, and listen to a record instead, while cooking, or gardening, or building something…enjoy the music with the sounds around you.  Music should enhance, not block out.

*i love seeing couples hold hands..makes me smile*

Try something new today…go get a book from the library on art or poetry, or learn how to knit, or work on a car…just do something..something beautiful..then give someone the gospel.  I know you can do it.  If you have Jesus in you, then He will help you.  Don’t worry about your inadequacy..just be real, and live for Him.  LIVE THE GOSPEL.  loudly.

now..i must ride my bike home for the second time today(forgetting your bike lock is never a good idea).

loves to you.♥