by alittlelove

I feel so completely small right now It’s a good small though. This morning I could hardly speak to God because I felt so small. I was more just in awe of how big a God I serve. I think this morning I got a little taste of what fear was like. Not the kind of “something is under my bed” afraid, but rather, “something bigger than the universe knows my name”. I am one out of billions of people. Think about that. Jehovah(at His name I am trembling inside) knows you. In fact, He knows everything about you…He knows what you are thinking about this very moment(what are you thinking about)…He knows what your heart is like(let’s be honest with one another…really what is your heart like? is it in love with the Saviour?)..He knows you. That just blows me away. I just cannot express what so grips my heart this moment. I only want Christ. What wonderful salvation! What a glorious God we serve. My heart is so full of full.


check out this little clip of “How Great is Our God“.

much love…