{in my heart}

by alittlelove

This morning I had this sudden overflowing of want for heaven. I seriously wanted to be with Jesus. I wanted to see His face, and just be completely wrapped around with His light. I still do.

I got up this morning around 5:30, and ate a little yogurt with honey and banana, and then I sat on my bed with my christmas lights plugged in(it was still a little dark out), and I opened the Word, and spoke with God. These past few days I feel like I’ve really heard the voice of the LORD. I feel this connection and adoration that I haven’t felt before, and I am in love with it. I am in love with Jesus. So in love in fact, that you could tell me that the world was going to end, and it would not matter the least bit to me, because I want only One thing, and that is Jesus.  I want Him so much to be my only center.  Today we talked about holiness and the faith of Christ in class, and I was smiling through it all, because almost each word that was said built one upon the other.  It made me so excited.  We have a living God, and that has been made so clear to me the past few days.  He is alive.  Alive in me, and wants to be alive in you.  What a wonderful saviour.   Anyway, while I was talking to God this morning, I realized something. My heart needs to be ready. I want my heart to be ready to be with my heavely King. So, that is my prayer for today, that my heart would be ready to see Him. O what a great God we serve. All glory to Jehovah.
We are going to go sign holding in a bit. I am excited. I am excited to be a child of the King.
“i am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ….”.