a late night note(o:

by alittlelove

okay, so i have a really bad connection right now, but i just had a hankering to write something…

t.j. and sammy went to the store to buy me jelly beans.

i miss kaylene(o:  *marshmallows are your thing darling*

i want my sisters to call me.

sore throats are the worst ever…honey.

green tea will always be the best(flavored peppermint).

don’t you just LOVE the word pepper…pepper..pepper..it’s just fun to spell.

i want to play soccer quite badly.

i finish the old testament tomorrow…

i miss hannah, and kirsten, and larissa, and prentice, and soryn, and everyone else(o;

i still LOVE my sleeping bag.

drinking tea, right now.

i love old people.

i. like. the. piano.  ❤  .

i have to end before i loose connection.

i love you all.

keep Jesus first.

fall. in. love. with. Him.  (He is already in love with you).


-lala  ❤  .