little green dress…hmm.

by alittlelove

This morning I sat in class, and something sundenly clicked. I sat there thinking about what it would be like if I were to go anywhere and work as a missionary..but something struck me..we so much tend to live our lives for ourselves. We are wrong in doing this. I realized this morning, that whatever I end up doing, I am going to do it for the glory of God. We all know this, but how many of us are in actuality living it out? How many of us our using every part of our day for the glory of the Father? How many of us start our day by declaring to the Father that today is “His” day? As I was mulling over this in my head, I knew in my heart that I was guilty of being “self” centered instead of “Christ” centered. In that one moment that I was thinking about how selfish I was, I began to detest what I am. If Christ is not in me, then I am nothing…if I am not living for Him, then this life is nothing. I have realized today that I want to serve the LORD with my ENTIRE life. Not just in part, but the whole. I don’t want to be a “2 month” missionary, or even a “5 year” missionary. My desire is to live every single day as a missionary for Jehovah. It’s a beautiful thing when something becomes clear to you, and today that has been just the case(o: I don’t have the time to elaborate, but God is so lovely…I can truly say that all I want is Him. Him in me…oh what a beautiful mystery that is.
haha….so today, I wore a green dress…then I was informed that it is St.Patty’s day…
just. smile. (o: