a little box:

by alittlelove


I never knew what life was until I stepped outside of the box.

Rubber boots, crying, heartbreak, trusting Jesus, speaking what I believe, prayer, and faith.  This weekend has been one of the most eye-opening.  Sometimes life hits you like a freight train..this week was one of those weeks.  God is moving so much..I can feel it, I can see it, I can hear Him.  It’s beautiful.  The Living God is so much more than I thought He was.  My perception of Him has changed so much…I’ve realized that I need Him more than anything..it’s almost hilarious…we think we have it all together, and then it hits us…we can’t do anything by ourselves.  For me it’s been quite humbling and so invigorating.  His hand is so completely steady, I would not want to be in anyone eles’s hands…My God is mighty..

I’m sorry for such a long season of my not writing…I’ve been quite busy.  Right now, I am a student at a missionary discipleship program.  Life haas been so full and wonderful.  If I was to look back a year ago, I would have never in my wildest dreams have imagined that I would be sitting here listening to Sondre Lerche, and doing the things I’ve been doing.  To see the hand of God is a most amazing thing.  Before I came, I didn’t know who God was.  I had no idea how to know God, and although I hardly have touched the surface, I feel like He has opened my eyes to so much.  Every morning He meets me a little more, and o how much I am beginning to love Him.  I love Him so much.  Like a plant loves sunshine, or the waves love the wind.  My heart is bursting. 

My encouragement to you?  Step. outside. the. box.

much love…