a letter.

by alittlelove

Today I am moving. The LORD has called me to go to a missionary training program. So what am I able to do but listen to His voice, and follow Him. The LORD will speak to them that will listen. He wants to lead you. He is the Great Shepherd after all. Today in church, one of the men gave me a send-off letter. I think it is something that everyone needs to read. So here we go…

“The Lambs”
Sheep are very dumb animals, lambs are dumber! In this sense, I mean “stupid“. They can’t be “trained” per se, as dogs or horse, or even pigs. But lambs will always follow one of 2 voices; that of a Judas goat(which is trained to lead) or the voice of the shepherd. That’s why dogs are used to herd sheep, and that is why a “judas goat” is used to lead sheep to the slaughter.
Dumb also means “silent“, as in “blind, deaf, and dumb”. They are unable to defend themselves. Helen Keller was a famous lady that was blind, deaf, and dumb. But with loving patience her teacher(nanny) taught this young woman to “speak“, using only a gentle touch of the hand. It was an amazing feat “Sign Language”!
Discipleship programs and missionary “programs” can “teach” many things; yet there is only one voice that is totally trustworthy! That of the Shepherd.
To enter into a “mission” of any type, one must first know the Shepherd, “so well” that only His voice is heard. The source of that voice is not “without“, it’s “within“.
~Brother Ron


I hope you are encouraged as greatly as I was by this letter.  Hear His voice.  He loves you.


*forgive any mistakes in the grammar of the letter.(o:  I just copied the letter as it was.