{the new year is here}

by alittlelove

It’s here(o:  The new year has finally come to the surface.  Last night, I got to go to a wonderful party. It made me smile so much.  Some people shared what Jehovah had done in their lives this past year, and we sang.  Singing makes me so happy(o:  The countdown was so crazy!  It was almost overwhelming(o:  The sweetest part of the night was this elderly, married couple that stood in the corner clinging to each other after the clock had struck twelve.  In a sense, that elderly couple represented the love that Jesus has for us.  How much He wants us to cling to Him!  Jesus wants us to give our entire year to Him…..Jesus is the One you need to pour your whole life into.  Give your life to the LORD this year.


After the party, I stood in our kitchen smiling so big.  I could only let praise spill from my lips.

happy. new. year.


Matthew 6:33