the winner is….(o:

by alittlelove

I have to say that all of the comments made me smile…some I read thinking “what does that mean!” and then others touched my heart, and then others where just too hilarious to even understand(kaisha’s sister is quite the funny gal!).  I have thought a lot about who should win(it has been much harder than I thought it was going to be), and I have decided that caleychey gets the prize(o:  Congratulations!   I picked her comment for a few reasons..1. because I can relate to that little tree, and 2. because I have this odd obsession with poetry.  I’d like to to share to comment with you now(o:


There was a little man who stood beside a tree,
and said, “Ack, the tree’s as SHORT as me!”
Now, the tree was 4 foot 2 and, for this, the man was blue.
But, alas, the tree was also sad because of the
lack of height it had and now became quite mad!
It spoke to the little midget, who then began to fidget,
“How could you be so cruel? You stupid little fool?”
The midget, quite alarmed, replied, “I meant no harm!
I only meant to mourn the way that I was born,
And, poor me, I am forlorn!”
The tree’s anger began to subside, when he saw that the poor man cried.
“Dear sir, cannot you see? Although short we may be,
Our position is not undesired than those who rise up higher,
Look upon the mighty trees who daily battle wind and rain
While here we stand and feel not their pain,
Let us think of what we gain!”
The man, feeling glee, went away saying,
“Now, happy am I that the tree is as TALL as me.”

I have no idea what would make you smile, so I thought I’d just write something random, so there it is! haha!


I’d like to thank everyone else who participated in the contest.  You all put a smile on my face(o:

Merry Christmas!