by alittlelove

I state in my *about* page that I would document every wit of life…the good, the bad, and all that makes the soul sing with happiness. Well, I am about to tell you some of the bad. I’m not sharing it for your sympathy, or for your pleasure, but rather to show you that I too am flawed. I am a selfish, arrogant sinner. Jesus in me is all the opposite of that though. Corrie ten Boom once said something like that in her book “Tramp for the LORD”.
Lately, I’ve been doing a study with my mother and the women from our church. This week the study was on repentance. The week we were going through the study, I wasn’t really good at it, because I never have trouble repenting right? I was wrong, so wrong in fact, the LORD completely cut me to the heart. His Word is indeed a “two-edged sword”. This week, He has been pointing out so many sins that I had just let sit there. No one should ever let sin just sit there! Here I was letting my heart get all hard and cold. Over some silly things too. I had let anger build, and I was anxious, and I was selfish. It was all about me though…to conquer sin we need to nail it to the Cross! Jesus says in Luke 9 “If any man will come after me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross daily, and follow me.” (verse 23) Forsake your sin and follow Jesus. I have been humbled this week. I am humbled that such a mighty LORD would forgive me of my short-comings. I am humbled that I am such a weak person, and that I NEED Jesus. I am humbled that Jesus loves me no matter what. God is good. I love Him..I love Him so much.

Now, I have to go make some meatballs.   Joy is so full in my heart. Forgiveness lets freedom ring(o: