by alittlelove

Our thanksgiving was quite fun. The day started off with us all marching off to the park.

img_1022I love to swing.

I think they are quite a spiffy invention.

I hope to have a swing set for my children when I am married.

img_1039Slides are always fun too.

There are only two of us making funny faces. Who are they? (o;

img_10861Oh! We have a bridge.

I love the bridge.

Reminds me of of the bridge that Christ Jesus is for us.

Which makes me love Jesus even more.

img_1175Then we found a lonely train.

Made me think of Corrie ten Boom.

Which, made my heart sad and happy at the same time.

God is so good.

img_1195Then we all enjoyed a fabulous meal.

Thank you God.