by alittlelove

I had a friend who once compared being a Christian to jumping on a trampoline. His point was that most people view Christians as quite boring people.  All they ever do is stand on their wall, and yell at you trying to make you believe the same thing as them.  Those boring Christians never have any fun.   Christianity isn’t boring though.  Like my friend was trying to say, it is like jumping on a trampoline.  Instead of treating Christianity as a dull monotonous experience, look at it as a fun, invigorating, lovely, happy one.   One can hardly resists the invitation to jump.  That is what Christianity should be like!  A bunch of us jumping, and then inviting someone to join us.   (o:  The joy that comes from being a christian is quite real…just like the feeling you get when you are sprung quite high in the air.