the ache of life is strong…but the rain will soon be gone…

by alittlelove

Last time I worked in the soup kitchen, this man came in that had been brutally beaten. My mom asked him what had happened, and he told her that some young kids had jumped him. The man was walking on the bike path, and he ended walking away with 4 cracked ribs and lots of other injuries. The cruelty of men is getting worse. How are our hearts doing?

I spend time with the homeless, the drunken, the beat up, and the broken. In this place these people are family, and I am part of their family. So what am I outside of the kitchen? Am I a hypocrite and a judge? Do I see the people I feed and just ignore them? My friends, I want to encourage you to look past what these people look like, and what they smell like, and just listen to them. There is a cry for Jesus, we can’t ignore it. If we don’t imitate Him, then how are the people going to hear? This society looks down on the homeless. Don’t fall into this trap. We need to love like Jesus did. He “came not to call the righteous, but sinners to repentance.”*luke 5:32* In our own selfishness we forget those that we walk upon. They are hurting. Those dirty, grimy sinners are what Jesus wants. He wants a “broken and contrite heart”. He is a merciful God, and He wants to forgive sin. Let us be a merciful people and hear the cry of those in need.