do you have dirt?

by alittlelove

Today we planted the garden. The little children enjoyed it very much. When they came in though, they were quite out of sorts. The reason was mother wanted them to remove their dirty clothes, and they just wouldn’t! It made mother very angry and that only made the children more upset. Finally, they were persuaded to take off their dirty attire. I began to think this is much like we are towards God. He tells us to remove all the “dirt” and we retort back saying we aren’t dirty at all. When really, in reality, we are completely filthy! God continues to tell us that we need to remove the dirt, but our own stubborn flesh persists to hold on. To be clean we need to repent. We need to admit that we were wrong, and ask forgiveness. The LORD is faithful to forgive those who ask. When we admit that we are dirty, the blood of the Lamb is what washes us clean. When we are clear of all the grime we can see, and understand more clearly than ever.