Finding Nicholas Nickleby:An endeavour of coming to the realization that there is a lack and disintegration of chivalry in our privileged generation

by alittlelove

Not to long ago, I received the book Nicholas Nickleby by Charles Dickens. I have always been keen to read it, and now that I am in the process of doing so, I find myself completely in love with it. I implore you to find it and read it yourself if you have not. It is an overwhelming book.
While I have been reading it, my mind has pondered many things. One of them being the character of Nicholas Nickleby himself. At nineteen, he is what every young man should be: chivalrous, kind, passionate, intelligent, and willing. In finding the qualities I respect in this fictional young man, I have come to the realization that these qualities are non-existent in most real young men. The young men of today are lazy, arrogant, foolish, and not at all chivalrous in the least. In short, they do not care. Do not take this the wrong way. Not all are like this, and even then, to those who are, the blame is not all their’s. Believe me, so much of the fault lies on the the shoulders of today’s young women. We have, in a way, brought it upon them by demanding individual rights and ourselves to be self sufficient. That we are capable of all needed provisions and are equals in every part of life. I am not saying that we are not capable of such. I am not stating a belief in gender discrimination, though that is what the world would see. I am merely saying that over the years all we were meant to be as young women has diminished through the blurring of the line of distinction between the sexes and their roles. Thus, the young man’s role has also diminished. Chivalry is gone. It is considered an antique and worthless term, and how many have been naive enough to believe it? How many, Christians even, have fallen into that trap? Let this be a challenge to our generation, find Nicholas Nickleby. To the young men, step up and live with a passionate character. To the young women, let them hold the doors open. Let them be who they are meant to, by you fulfilling your role as the lady. It is up to us to be who we should. This is not an impossible task, difficult yes, but never impossible. We all have a role, and if the role of the young man is chivalry, why not exceed that role? Do more than be chivalrous, make yourself the definition of such. The world will hate you for it, just as they hated Nicholas Nickleby for it, but you will prevail. For it is the Lord’s work. Let this be a call to take up arms and crush the low expectations of the treatment towards women, for men and women. It applies to both. What does it mean, rather what does it feel like, to be worth the hand offered? Considering today, what does it feel like to actually have the hand offered? We all have a choice, live by the world’s standards or the Lord’s. It is simple. Do not complicate it with excuses. There are not many men left who are comparable with Nicholas Nickleby, but to those who are, stand strong. Young ladies, do not settle with mediocre, set your expectations at the level of Nicholas Nickleby. Young men, your call may be even greater. Do not be satisfied with yourself. Make yourself comparable with Nicholas Nickleby. Do not lose sight of chivalry, crave it, yearn for it. To our generation, find Nicholas Nickleby.

“The face of the old man was stern, hard featured, and forbidding; that of the young one, open, handsome, and ingenuous. The old man’s eye was keen with the twinklings of avarice and cunning; the young man’s, bright with the light of intelligence and spirit. His figure was somewhat slight, but manly and well formed; and, apart from all the grace of youth and comeliness, there was an emanation from the warm young heart in his look and bearing which kept the old man down.”-Nicholas Nickleby